Metabolism of Cities

This website attempts to group together tools and publications related to the metabolism of cities or urban metabolism (UM). The principal sections are the following:

Latest Blog Post Mar 14, 2017

First impression on the construction of a global urban metabolism dataset

News from the front of creating a global urban metabolism dataset. The first data points had been added to the dataset and we share here some first impressions on the process. As you might remember from...

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Data Visualization Voting Jan 01-20, 2017

See the winner!

We have a winner! We held a voting contest which ended on Jan 20, 2017. And we have a winner! Click here to view the winning data visualization. A more detailed report will following in the coming week.

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Dec 5, 2016

Metabolism of Cities co-organises three masterclasses on urban metabolism

As part of our Stakeholders Initiative, we are proud to announce that Metabolism of Cities will be co-organising (with OVAM, .Fabric, Vlaamse Milieumaatschappij (VMM/MIRA), and Team Vlaams Bouwmeester) three masterclasses on urban metabolism. The masterclasses are entitled Designing With Flows: Towards an Urban-Metabolic Agenda for a Circular Future and will take place in Brussels on the 08/12/2016, 12/01/2017, 02/02/2017.

Update The masterclasses have finished and videos are now available!

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Just Launched: Global Urban Metabolism Database - January-March 2017

We have launched our second Stakeholders Initiative! From January until March 2017 we will focus on the development of a global urban metabolism database, and we have many exciting things planned. And we need YOUR involvement. Check out the new section and start contributing now!

Global Urban Metabolism Database Project


This website is an open source initiative launched in August 2014 as 'MFA Tools'. It was launched with the purpose of:

In January 2016 the website was renamed to Metabolism of Cities, to reflect the broadening scope to other methodologies.

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New: Urban Metabolism Map


We have recently created a map to visualize all urban metabolism studies that have been indexed in our database with publications. Check it out!

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