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This call for research collaborators is posted by the individuals listed below -- please contact them for more information.

We are looking for collaborators on this research project - whether for the whole process, or simply offering questions, comments or suggestions. Please let us know of your interest by email before 21 October 2016.


Data visualisation is key in transmitting the results of urban metabolism research to a wider audience. There are many ways to visually represent urban metabolism data, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. However, we feel it is time to take a systematic look at the different data visualisation options and tools and and determine which forms of visualisation are most useful - to whom, for what purpose and how so?

Research questions

Method & Timeline

Our method may adapt as the project evolves. However, the preliminary workplan is to review data visualisation theory as well as different data visualisation techniques and their characteristics. Open source visualisations will be collected, curated and presented to various audiences, who will then be surveyed about their experience of the visualisations. To complement the collection of available images, we intend to produce a number of visualisations using the same urban metabolism dataset, to see how people react to these different options.

We aim to finalise our method by the end of October. In November we will collect and develop different data visualizations and present them to chosen audiences. Write-up will be completed in December, with Journal submission and information dissemination underway.


Interested? Questions?

Give us a shout! We are currently looking for other contributors. Our current scope is focused on Cape Town, South Africa - however, we ideally hope that such experiments with visualisation could by run in different cities and countries, using the same visualisation styles to see if reactions vary in different settings. We welcome contributions in any form, so if you have any other thoughts or ideas, please let us know.

Paul Currie
Paul Hoekman
Metabolism of Cities

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