Water flows in Amsterdam

This sankey diagram illustrates the water flows in Amsterdam. It makes the importance of each of the flows immediately clear. There is one confusing aspect to this diagram: the patterns used (horizontal lines, diagonal lines, etc.) are not explained in a legend and seem to have no particular use (if you look closely, each pattern is unique and does not repeat itself). Ideally, patterns should be used to mark a  particular characteristic of the flow.

From the publication:

Overview of water flows (in kt) in Amsterdam's metabolism (excluding industry water).

Further details

Enhanced Performance of the Eurostat Method for Comprehensive Assessment of Urban Metabolism: A Material Flow Analysis of Amsterdam
Voskamp, Ilse M. and Stremke, Sven and Spiller, Marc and Perrotti, Daniela and van der Hoek, Jan Peter and Rijnaarts, Huub H. M.
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Dec 11, 2016

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