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Tag: Uncertainty

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14 publications found.
Title Author(s) Year
Probing uncertainty levels of electrification in informal urban settlements: A case from South Africa Kovacic, Z. and Smit, S. and Musango, J.K. and Brent, A.C. and Giampietro, M. 2016
The ferrous find: Counting iron and steel stocks in China's economy Wang, Tao, and Müller, Daniel B., and Hashimoto, Senji 2015
The global anthropogenic gallium system: Determinants of demand, supply, and efficiency improvement Løvik, Amund N., and Resrepo, Eliette, and Müller, Daniel B. 2015
Uncertainty in Material Flow Analysis Indicators at Different Spatial Levels Patrício, João and Kalmykova, Yuliya and Rosado, Leonardo and Lisovskaja, Vera 2015
Dynamic material flow analysis for PCBs in the Norwegian building stock Bergsdal, Håvard, and Bratterbø, Helge, and Müller, Daniel B. 2014
Systematic Evaluation of Uncertainty in Material Flow Analysis Laner, David and Rechberger, Helmut and Astrup, Thomas 2014
Uncertainty in Material Flow Analysis Rechberger, Helmut and Cencic, Oliver and Frühwirth, Rudolf 2014
Centennial Evolution of Aluminum In-Use Stocks on Our Aluminized Planet Gang Liu, and Müller, Daniel B. 2013
Material Flow Analysis of plastic products in Austria - Emphasis on data uncertainties in consumption sectors and solid waste management Feketitsch, Julia and Buchner, Hanno and Lederer, Jakob and Laner, David and Fellner, Johann 2013
Steel all over the world: Estimating in-use stocks of iron for 200 countries Pauliuk, Stefan, and Wang, Tao, and Müller, Daniel B. 2013
The Steel Scrap Age Pauliuk, Stefan, and Milford, Rachel L., and Müller, Daniel B., and Allwood, Julian M. 2013
Addressing sustainability in the aluminum industry: a critical review of life cycle assessments Gang Liu, and Müller, Daniel B. 2012
A handbook of industrial ecology Ayres, Robert U and Ayres, Leslie 2002
Data quality management for life cycle inventories—an example of using data quality indicators Weidema, Bo Pedersen and Wesnæs, Marianne Suhr 1996
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