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12 publications found.
Title Author(s) Year
An urban metabolism approach to the water supply of the Greater Accra Metropolitan Area (GAMA) Stephen Passmore 2016
Material Flow Analysis in Quebec: Methods and operationalising challenges in a circular economy perspective Audrey Morris 2016
Material Flow Analysis for a Circular Economy Development: A Material Stock Quantification Method of Urban Civil Infrastructures with a Case Study of PVC in an Amsterdam Neighbourhood Carolin Bellstedt 2015
Urban-Scale Material Flow Analysis in a South African Context: A Cape Town Feasibility Study Paul Hoekman 2015
Resource use in the Chinese building sector : foundations for analyzing urban transition. Accuardi, Z.A.C. 2014
Effects of planning and policy decisions on residential land use in Singapore Davis, N.R. 2012
Estimating material and energy intensities of urban areas Quinn, D.J. 2012
From Eradication To Intervention: Urban Informal Ecosystem Royden-Turner, Shannon 2012
Modeling the water consumption of Singapore using system dynamics Noiva Welling, K.M. 2011
A global typology of cities : classification tree analysis of urban resource consumption Saldivar-Sali, Artessa Niccola D 2010
Modeling the resource consumption of housing in New Orleans using System Dynamics Quinn, D.J. 2008
Material flow analysis of industrial systems in Antarctica Klee, Robert Jason 2005
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