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Title Author(s) Year
Impact of the Economic Structure of Cities on Urban Scaling Factors: Implications for Urban Material and Energy Flows in China Ramaswami, Anu and Jiang, Daqian and Tong, Kangkang and Zhao, Jerry 2017
An Urban Approach to Planetary Boundaries Hoornweg, Daniel and Hosseini, Mehdi and Kennedy, Christopher and Behdadi, Azin 2016
Changes of human time and land use pattern in one mega city's urban metabolism: a multi-scale integrated analysis of Shanghai Lu, Yangsiyu and Geng, Yong and Qian, Yiying and Han, Wenyi and McDowall, Will and Bleischwitz, Raimund 2016
Defining and advancing a systems approach for sustainable cities Xuemei Bai and Alyson Surveyer and Thomas Elmqvist and Franz W Gatzweiler and Burak Güneralp and Susan Parnell and Anne-Hélène Prieur-Richard and Paul Shrivastava and José Gabriel Siri and Mark Stafford-Smith and Jean-Patrick Toussaint and Robert Webb 2016
Eight energy and material flow characteristics of urban ecosystems Xuemei Bai 2016
Modeling of material and energy flows in the Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy using urban metabolism approaches Gabriela Fernandez, Igor Tereshchenko 2016
Stochastic Analysis and Forecasts of the Patterns of Speed, Acceleration, and Levels of Material Stock Accumulation in Society Tomer Fishman and Heinz Schandl and Hiroki Tanikawa 2016
A Cities Approach to Sustainability Daniel Hoornweg 2015
Complementary uses of Environmentally Extended Input Output Analysis and Material Flow Analysis to assess impacts Cooper, Samuel and Cabrera Serrenho, Andre and Owen, Anne 2015
Social metabolism: a metrics for biophysical growth and degrowth Marina Fischer-Kowalski and Helmut Haberl 2015
Toward a Practical Ontology for Socioeconomic Metabolism Pauliuk, Stefan, and Majeau-Bettez, Guillaume, and Müller, Daniel B., and Hertwich, Edgar G. 2015
Towards Urban Resource Flow Estimates in Data Scarce Environments: The Case of African Cities Currie, Paul and Lay-Sleeper, Ethan and Fernandez, John E and Kim, Jenny and Musango, Josephine Kaviti 2015
Understanding Urban Metabolism: A Tool for Urban Planning Chrysoulakis, N. and Castro, E. A. and Moors, E. J. 2015
Urban energy consumption: Different insights from energy flow analysis, input-output analysis and ecological network analysis Shaoqing Chen and Bin Chen 2015
Urban Metabolism: A Review of Current Knowledge and Directions for Future Study Yan Zhang and Zhifeng Yang and Xiangyi Yu 2015
Accounting for the Material Stock of Nations Fishman, Tomer and Schandl, Heinz and Tanikawa, Hiroki and Walker, Paul and Krausmann, Fridolin 2014
Concepts and methodologies for measuring the sustainability of cities Yetano Roche, María and Lechtenböhmer, Stefan and Fischedick, Manfred and Gröne, Marie-Christine and Xia, Chun and Dienst, Carmen 2014
Developing a multi-layered indicator set for urban metabolism studies in megacities Kennedy, Chris and Stewart, Iain D. and Ibrahim, Nadine and Facchini, Angelo and Mele, Renata 2014
Dynamic Models of Fixed Capital Stocks and Their Application in Industrial Ecology Pauliuk, Stefan and Wood, Richard and Hertwich, Edgar G. 2014
Incorporating Bio-Physical Sciences into a Decision Support Tool for Sustainable Urban Planning Mitraka, Z. and Diamantakis, E. and Chrysoulakis, N. and Castro, E. A. and San Jose, R. and Gonzalez, A. and Blecic, I 2014
Sinks as limited resources? A new indicator for evaluating anthropogenic material flows Ulrich Kral, Paul Brunner, Pi-Cheng Chen, Sih-Rong Chen 2014
Spatial allocation of material flow analysis in residential developments: a case study of Kildare County, Ireland Roy, Manoj and Curry, Robin and Ellis, Geraint 2014
Systematic Evaluation of Uncertainty in Material Flow Analysis Laner, David and Rechberger, Helmut and Astrup, Thomas 2014
Uncertainty in Material Flow Analysis Rechberger, Helmut and Cencic, Oliver and Frühwirth, Rudolf 2014
Combining Material Flow Analysis, Life Cycle Assessment, and Multiattribute Utility Theory David Rochat 2013
Data Mining for Material Flow Analysis: Application in the Territorial Breakdown of French Regions Brinduşa Smaranda 2013
Investigating Reasons for Differences in the Results of Environmental, Physical, and Hybrid Input-Output Models Sai Liang and Tianzhu Zhang 2013
Material Flow Analysis of plastic products in Austria - Emphasis on data uncertainties in consumption sectors and solid waste management Feketitsch, Julia and Buchner, Hanno and Lederer, Jakob and Laner, David and Fellner, Johann 2013
Quantification of urban metabolism through coupling with the life cycle assessment framework: concept development and case study Goldstein, Benjamin Paul and Birkved, Morten and Quitzau, Maj-Britt and Hauschild, Michael 2013
Sustainable urban metabolism as a link between bio-physical sciences and urban planning: The BRIDGE project Chrysoulakis, Nektarios and Lopes, Myriam and San José, Roberto and Betham Grimmond , Christine Susan and Jones , Mike B. and Magliulo , Vincenzo and Klostermann , Judith E.M. and Synnefa , Afroditi and Mitraka , Zina and Castro, Eduardo A. and González , Ainhoa and Vogt , Roland and Vesala , Timo and Spano , Donatella and Pigeon , Gregoire and Freer-Smith , Peter and Staszewski , Tomasz and Hodges , Nick and Mills , Gerald and Cartalis, Constantinos 2013
The physical structure of urban economies - comparative assessment Samuel Niza and André Pina and Daniela Ferreira and Luis Santos and Paulo Ferrão 2013
Urban metabolism: A review of research methodologies Yan Zhang 2013
Addressing sustainability in the aluminum industry: a critical review of life cycle assessments Gang Liu, and Müller, Daniel B. 2012
An expanded urban metabolism method: Toward a systems approach for assessing urban energy processes and causes Pincetl, Stephanie and Bunje, Paul and Holmes, Tisha 2012
Estimating material and energy intensities of urban areas Quinn, D.J. 2012
Implementing Trans-Boundary Infrastructure-Based Greenhouse Gas Accounting for Delhi, India Abel Chavez 2012
Is there a metabolism of an urban ecosystem? An ecological critique Golubiewski, Nancy 2012
Mainstreaming Urban Metabolism Kennedy, Christopher and Hoornweg, Daniel 2012
Metabolism of the Anthroposphere: Analysis, Evaluation, Design Peter Baccini and Paul Brunner 2012
Reshaping Urban Infrastructure Hodson, Mike and Marvin, Simon and Robinson, Blake and Swilling, Mark 2012
Three ecologies: Urban metabolism and the Society-Nature opposition Wachsmuth, David 2012
Data Acquisition for Applying Physical Input-Output Tables in Chinese Cities Sai Liang and Tianzhu Zhang 2011
How unequal is international trade? A biophysical perspective. Simron Singh and Nina Eisenmenger 2011
Methodology and Indicators of Economy-wide Material Flow Accounting M. Fischer-Kowalski 2011
Methodology and Indicators of Economy-wide Material Flow Accounting M. Fischer-Kowalski, F. Krausmann, S. Giljum, S. Lutter, A. Mayer, S. Bringezu, Y. Moriguchi, H. Sch¨utz, H. Schandl, and H. Weisz 2011
Urban Metabolism in China Achieving Dematerialization and Decarbonization in Suzhou Sai Liang and Tianzhu Zhang 2011
A global typology of cities : classification tree analysis of urban resource consumption Saldivar-Sali, Artessa Niccola D 2010
Decomposition Analysis of Waste Generation From Stocks in a Dynamic System Masahiro Oguchi 2010
Evaluation of the Tire Industry of China based on Physical Input–Output Analysis Yang, Ning 2010
Lifespan of Commodities, Part I Shinsuke Murakami 2010
Lifespan of Commodities, Part II Masahiro Oguchi 2010
Methodology for inventorying greenhouse gas emissions from global cities Kennedy, Christopher and Steinberger, Julia and Gasson, Barrie and Hansen, Yvonne and Hillman, Timothy and Havranek, Miroslav and Pataki, Diane and Phdungsilp, Aumnad and Ramaswami, Anu and Villalba, Gara 2010
Probabilistic Assessment of Industrial Synergistic Systems Yung-Chia Hsu and Serge Rohmer 2010
Analysis of water consumption using a regional input-output model: Model development and application to Zhangye City, Northwestern China Y. Wang and H.L. Xiao and M.F. Lu 2009
Analyzing Polyvinyl Chloride in Japan With the Waste Input−Output Material Flow Analysis Model Shinichiro Nakamura 2009
Collaborative Problem Solving Using an Industrial Ecology Approach Boehme, Susan E. 2009
Environmental Impact of the use of Natural Resources and Products van der Voet, Ester and van Oers, Lauran and de Bruyn, Sander and de Jong, Femke and Tukker, Arnold 2009
Linking material and energy flow analyses and social theory Schiller, Frank 2009
Platinum Group Metal Flows of Europe, Part II Mathieu Saurat and Stefan Bringezu 2009
Reverse Problem Formulation for Integrating Process Discharges with Watersheds and Drainage Systems Lovelady, Eva M. 2009
The Raw Material Equivalents of International Trade Pablo Muñoz 2009
Towards a global multi-regional environmentally extended input-output database Tukker, Arnold and Poliakov, Evgueni and Heijungs, Reinout and Hawkins, Troy and Neuwahl, Frederik and Rueda-Cantuche, José M. and Giljum, Stefan and Moll, Stephan and Oosterhaven, Jan and Bouwmeester, Maaike 2009
A Product-Level Approach to Historical Material Flow Analysis Harper, Ermelinda M. 2008
Building Material Flow Accounts in the United States Allen, Frederick W 2008
General aspects of sustainable urban development (SUD) Alessandro Costa 2008
Modeling the resource consumption of housing in New Orleans using System Dynamics Quinn, D.J. 2008
Smart Labels for Waste and Resource Management Binder, Claudia R. 2008
The Global Sociometabolic Transition Fridolin Krausmann 2008
The Sankey Diagram in Energy and Material Flow Management Mario Schmidt 2008
Reshaping Urban Metabolism Paul BRUNNER 2007
Towards an Integrated Regional Materials Flow Accounting Model Philip Sinclair 2005
Developing the urban metabolism approach into a new urban metabolic model Costa, A and Marchettini, N and Facchini, A 2004
Long-term Coordination of Timber Production and Consumption Using a Dynamic Material and Energy Flow Analysis Müller, Daniel B. 2004
Modeling Basic Industries in the Australian Stocks and Flows Framework Lennox, James A. 2004
Postconsumption Sewage Treatment in Environmental Systems Analysis of Foods Ulf Sonesson 2004
Material Flow Analysis on the Regional Level: Questions, Problems, Solutions Hammer, Mark and Giljum, Stefan and Bargigli, Silvia and Hinterberger, Friedrich 2003
A handbook of industrial ecology Ayres, Robert U and Ayres, Leslie 2002
Approaches for Quantifying the Metabolism of Physical Economies: A Comparative Survey: Part II: Review of Individual Approaches Daniels, Peter L. 2002
Approaches for Quantifying the Metabolism of Physical Economies: Part I: Methodological Overview Daniels, Peter L. and Moore, Stephen 2001
The Energetic Metabolism of Societies Part I: Accounting Concepts Helmut Haberl 2001
Full Mode and Attribution Mode in Environmental Analysis Helias Udo de Haes 2000
Applying Material Flow Accounting: Ecoauditing and Resource Management at the Kambium Furniture Workshop Christa Liedtke 1998
Heavy Metal Balances, Part I Moolenaar, Simon W. and Lexmond, Theo M. 1998
Materials accounting as a tool for decision making in environmental policy (MAc TEmPo) Brunner, P.H. and Laner, T. and Lohm, U. and de Haes, U. and Desitler, M. and Baccini, P 1998
Society's Metabolism - The Intellectual History of Materials Flow Analysis, Part II, 1970-1998 Marina Fischer-Kowalski and Walter Hüttler 1998
Material Flow Accounting and Information for Environmental Policies in the City of Stockholm Burström, Fredrik and Brandt, Nils and Frostell, Björn and Mohlander, Ulf 1997
Data quality management for life cycle inventories—an example of using data quality indicators Weidema, Bo Pedersen and Wesnæs, Marianne Suhr 1996
Metabolism of the anthroposphere Peter BACCINI and Paul BRUNNER 1991
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