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11 publications found.
Title Author(s) Year
Connecting land-use and water planning: Prospects for an urban water metabolism approach S. Serrao-Neumann and M. Renouf and S.J. Kenway and D. Low Choy 2017
Quantifying and mapping embodied environmental requirements of urban building stocks Stephan, André and Athanassiadis, Aristide 2017
City Carbon Footprint Networks Chen, Guangwu and Wiedmann, Thomas and Hadjikakou, Michalis and Rowley, Haze 2016
The Concept of City Carbon Maps: A Case Study of Melbourne, Australia Wiedmann, Thomas O. and Chen, Guangwu and Barrett, John 2016
Transnational city carbon footprint networks - Exploring carbon links between Australian and Chinese cities Guangwu Chen and Thomas Wiedmann and Yafei Wang and Michalis Hadjikakou 2016
Multi-scale life cycle energy analysis of a low-density suburban neighbourhood in Melbourne, Australia Stephan, André; Crawford, Robert H.; and de Myttenaere, Kristel 2013
Material flows and material productivity in China, Australia, and Japan Schandl, Heinz and West, James 2012
Cities and greenhouse gas emissions: moving forward Hoornweg, Daniel and Sugar, Lorraine and Trejos Gomez, Claudia Lorena 2011
A Material History of Australia Richard Wood 2009
Australia's Resource Use Trajectories Heinz Schandl 2008
Modeling Basic Industries in the Australian Stocks and Flows Framework Lennox, James A. 2004
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