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Tag: Physical input-output tables (PIOT) / Input-Output Assessment (IOA)

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37 publications found.
Title Author(s) Year
The Energy Structure of the Canadian Economy Kennedy, Christopher A. and Bachmann, Christian 2016
Urban carbon transformations: unravelling spatial and inter-sectoral linkages for key city industries based on multi-region input-output analysis Guangwu Chen and Michalis Hadjikakou and Thomas Wiedmann 2016
Complementary uses of Environmentally Extended Input Output Analysis and Material Flow Analysis to assess impacts Cooper, Samuel and Cabrera Serrenho, Andre and Owen, Anne 2015
Urban energy consumption: Different insights from energy flow analysis, input-output analysis and ecological network analysis Shaoqing Chen and Bin Chen 2015
Comparing the GTAP-MRIO and WIOD Databases for Carbon Footprint Analysis Arto, Iñaki and Rueda-Cantuche, José M. and Peters, Glen P. 2014
Dynamic material flow analysis for PCBs in the Norwegian building stock Bergsdal, Håvard, and Bratterbø, Helge, and Müller, Daniel B. 2014
Dynamic Models of Fixed Capital Stocks and Their Application in Industrial Ecology Pauliuk, Stefan and Wood, Richard and Hertwich, Edgar G. 2014
Ecological network analysis of an urban metabolic system based on input-output tables: Model development and case study for Beijing Zhang, Yan and Zheng, Hongmei and Fath, Brian D. and Liu, Hong and Yang, Zhifeng and Liu, Gengyuan and Su, Meirong 2014
The Global Resource Footprint of Nations Arnold Tukker and Tatyana Bulavskaya and Stefan Giljum and Arjan de Koning and Stephan Lutter and Moana Simas and Konstantin Stadler and Richard Wood 2014
An input-output approach to evaluate the water footprint and virtual water trade of Beijing, China Ziyuan Wang and Kai Huang and Shunshun Yang and Yajuan Yu 2013
Investigating Reasons for Differences in the Results of Environmental, Physical, and Hybrid Input-Output Models Sai Liang and Tianzhu Zhang 2013
Sustainable Urban Metabolism Ferrão, Paulo and Fernández, John E. 2013
The importance of raw material equivalents in economy-wide material flow accounting and its policy dimension Jan Kovanda and Jan Weinzettel 2013
Urban metabolism assessment tools for resource efficient urban infrastructure Robinson, Blake and Musango, Josephine and Swilling, Mark and Joss, Simon and Mentz Lagrange, Sasha 2013
Materials embodied in international trade - Global material extraction and consumption between 1995 and 2005 Martin Bruckner and Stefan Giljum and Christian Lutz and Kirsten Svenja Wiebe 2012
Raw Material Consumption of the European Union - Concept, Calculation Method, and Results Karl Schoer and Jan Weinzettel and Jan Kovanda and Jürgen Giegrich and Christoph Lauwigi 2012
Analyses of water footprint of Beijing in an interregional input-output framework Zhuoying Zhang and Hong Yang and Minjun Shi 2011
Data Acquisition for Applying Physical Input-Output Tables in Chinese Cities Sai Liang and Tianzhu Zhang 2011
Structural Decomposition Analysis of Raw Material Consumption Jan Weinzettel and Jan Kovanda 2011
Evaluation of the Tire Industry of China based on Physical Input–Output Analysis Yang, Ning 2010
A Material History of Australia Richard Wood 2009
Analysis of water consumption using a regional input-output model: Model development and application to Zhangye City, Northwestern China Y. Wang and H.L. Xiao and M.F. Lu 2009
Analyzing Polyvinyl Chloride in Japan With the Waste Input−Output Material Flow Analysis Model Shinichiro Nakamura 2009
Assessing Socioeconomic Metabolism Through Hybrid Life Cycle Assessment Jan Weinzettel and Jan Kovanda 2009
Environmental Impact of the use of Natural Resources and Products van der Voet, Ester and van Oers, Lauran and de Bruyn, Sander and de Jong, Femke and Tukker, Arnold 2009
Hybrid input-output analysis of wastewater treatment and environmental impacts: A case study for the Tokyo Metropolis Chen Lin 2009
The Raw Material Equivalents of International Trade Pablo Muñoz 2009
Towards a global multi-regional environmentally extended input-output database Tukker, Arnold and Poliakov, Evgueni and Heijungs, Reinout and Hawkins, Troy and Neuwahl, Frederik and Rueda-Cantuche, José M. and Giljum, Stefan and Moll, Stephan and Oosterhaven, Jan and Bouwmeester, Maaike 2009
Analysis of water demand and water pollutant discharge using a regional input-output table: An application to the City of Chongqing, upstream of the Three Gorges Dam in China Tomohiro Okadera and Masataka Watanabe and Kaiqin Xu 2006
The System of Environmental and Economic Accounts—2003 and the Economic Relevance of Physical Flow Accounting Pedersen, Ole Gravgård, and de Haan, Mark 2006
Applying Ecological Input-Output Flow Analysis to Material Flows in Industrial Systems: Part II: Flow Metrics Reid Bailey 2004
Material flow accounting and analysis Hinterberger, Friedrich and Giljum, Stefan and Hammer, Mark 2003
A handbook of industrial ecology Ayres, Robert U and Ayres, Leslie 2002
Materials Flows in Finland: Resource Use in a Small Open Economy Ilmo Mäenpaää and Artti Juutinen 2001
Full Mode and Attribution Mode in Environmental Analysis Helias Udo de Haes 2000
Heavy Metal Balances, Part I Moolenaar, Simon W. and Lexmond, Theo M. 1998
Input-Output Analysis: The First Fifty Years Adam Rose and William Miernyk 1989
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