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Tag: Ecological Footprint Analysis

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9 publications found.
Title Author(s) Year
Sustainable Urban Metabolism Ferrão, Paulo and Fernández, John E. 2013
Urban metabolism assessment tools for resource efficient urban infrastructure Robinson, Blake and Musango, Josephine and Swilling, Mark and Joss, Simon and Mentz Lagrange, Sasha 2013
Carbon Footprinting of Cities and Implications for Analysis of Urban Material and Energy Flows Anu Ramaswami, Abel Chavez, and Marian Chertow 2012
Comparison of energy flow accounting, energy flow metabolism ratio analysis and ecological footprinting as tools for measuring urban sustainability: A case-study of an Irish city-region Browne, David and O'Regan, Bernadette and Moles, Richard 2012
Society, energy and materials: the contribution of urban metabolism studies to sustainable urban development issues Sabine Barles 2010
Environmental Impact of the use of Natural Resources and Products van der Voet, Ester and van Oers, Lauran and de Bruyn, Sander and de Jong, Femke and Tukker, Arnold 2009
A material flow analysis and ecological footprint of York Barrett, John and Vallack, Harry and Jones, Andrew and Haq, Gary 2002
City Limits. A resource flow and ecological footprint analysis of Greater London Best Foot Forward 2002
An ecological footprint of Liverpool Barett, John and Scott, Anthony 2001
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