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16 publications found.
Title Author(s) Year
Metabolism of Brussels-Capital Region: identification of flows, economic actors and activities on the territory and tracks of reflection for resource optimisation Bruxelles Environnement and BATir and EcoRes and ICEDD 2015
Comptes des flux de matières à l'échelle de l'économie 2008-2012 Guy Vandille 2014
Metabolism of megacities: A review and synthesis of the literature Iain Stewart; Chris Kennedy; Angelo Facchini 2014
Urban Metabolism - Sustainable development of Rotterdam Gemente Rotterdam and IABR and FABRIC and JCFO and TNO 2014
Urban Metabolism of Six Asian Cities Paulo Ferrao and João Fumega and Nuno Gomes and Samuel Niza and André Pina and Luis Santos 2014
Circular economy, industrial ecology. Elements of reflection at the Ile-de-France scale IAU (Institut d'Aménagement et d'Urbanisme) 2013
City-Level Decoupling: Urban resource flows and the governance of infrastructure transitions UNEP 2013
Measuring water use in a green economy UNEP 2012
Recycling rates of metals: A status report Graedel, TE and Allwood, Julian and Birat, Jean-Pierre and Buchert, Matthias and Hagelüken, Christian and Reck, Barbara K and Sibley, Scott F and Sonnemann, Guido 2011
Assessing the environmental impacts of consumption and production: priority products and materials UNEP 2010
Metal Stocks in Society: Scientific Synthesis Graedel, TE 2010
Managing Materials for a Twenty-first Century Military Latiff, Robert, and Müller, Daniel B. 2008
Urban Metabolism: The Case of Budapest István Pomázi and Elemér Szabó 2008
Industrial Ecology in Geneva. First results and future research GEDEC and Suren Erkman 2005
City Limits. A resource flow and ecological footprint analysis of Greater London Best Foot Forward 2002
The components of Charleroi's ecosystem and the prospects for regional socio-economic development (preliminary study). Duvigneaud, P. and Denayer, S. and Brichard, C. and Brichard, C. and Bouchat, A. and Moniquet, J.-C. and Chasseur, C. 1981
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