Data Overview

Urban metabolism: Methodological Advances in Urban Material Flow Accounting Based on the Lisbon Case Study
Niza, Samuel and Rosado, Leonardo and Ferrão, Paulo
Data Points


MTU Area Sub-area Indicator Year Value Unit Comments
Materials biomass biomass - imports 2004 2,050 Kt
Materials fossil fuels Fossil fuels - imports 2004 1,190 Kt
Urban Characteristics land use Land area 2001 100 km2
Materials metallic minerals metallic minerals - imports 2004 434 Kt
Materials non metallic minerals non metallic minerals - imports 2004 7,261 Kt
Urban Characteristics demography Population 2001 560,000 habitants
Materials MFA indicator Total - imports 2004 11,223 Kt
Emissions Air emissions Total air emissions 2004 1,200 Kt
Waste final disposal Total solid waste disposal 2004 930 Kt

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