Data Contributors Course Live Sessions

Metabolism of Cities is excited to announce a Data Harvesting Course for Urban Metabolism. Through this course you will be trained to properly undertake the data collection process for research on urban metabolism. Each session explains what type of data is important in contributing to a comprehensive understanding of urban sustainability and resource flows. The course encourages you to learn by practice, each student selects a city to research and collect data about the city as the course progresses. By the end of the course you will have a better understanding of the data needed for urban metabolism research and will have developed skills in finding, uploading and processing data for your own city data portal.

The course is free to all, however there are limited spaces in our live sessions so register early and be a part of this interactive course!

Live Sessions run every Wednesday at 2PM (SAST/CET) and every Friday from 11AM (SAST/CET) and run for an hour. Come, join in on the conversation and get data busy!

Layer 1: Context Find administrative levels, shapefiles, econ docs, demographic data Session 1: Fri 7th Aug, 11AM SAST/CET (

Layer 2: Biophysical Elements Learn about biophysical elements and their role in this data layer Session 2: Wed 12th Aug, 2PM SAST/CET ( Session 3: Fri 17th Aug, 11AM SAST/CET (

Layer 3: Infrastructure Find out about sector specific data in industry and utilities Session 4: Wed 19th Aug, 2PM SAST/CET ( Session 5: Fri 21st Aug, 11AM SAST/CET (

Layer 4: Stocks and Flows Learn where to find stocks and flows data and what this means Wed 26th Aug, 2PM SAST/CET( Fri 28th Aug, 11AM SAST/CET (

Layer 5: Supporting Documents Find out how to find, store and create supporting documents for your data portal Wed 2nd Sept, 2PM SAST/CET( Fri 4th Sept, 11AM SAST/CET (

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