Visualising urban metabolism in the metaverse

Metabolism of Cities
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Hi, after jumping around with various things and building datavis skills (and still sucking at them) I've taken a bold leap of faith that it would be possible to visualise urban metabolic flows in a 3D way, semi-procedurally. I can't do this, but I think if we get the right people together, it is possible.

So I drafted an event to workshop this. Please let me know your thoughts, join in, it's open to anyone, and let's make this possible!


Hi Bernelle,

So nice to hear from you again 😊
I've read your draft and believe that I understand it, but have close to 0 coding skills, so the technical parts go over my head. BUT, if you can connect it to the Data Hub Priority Plan, and especially to the multi-scale and MFA integration, then I believe it that you at least have a source of data for it.
Do you already have a more detailed list of data needs?

Hi Carolin, I don't, it's a very big thing and I'm also clueless. I found this series of podcasts and this one in particular I found very informative: Cesium open metaverse podcast, episode 4: Geospatial and the metaverse

So I think data needs would be related to having an appropriate format to be able to be pulled in. Thank you very much for the Data Hub Priority Plan link, that's exactly the right thing to work with! :)

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