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Please introduce yourself to our community, a short description of who you are, your interests and anything quirky you'd like to divulge :)

Hi! My name is Kim Finlay, I have been working with Metabolism of Cities for the last three months. I have a background in environmental science and a focus on energy access in Africa. Most particularly I am interested in collecting data in news ways and finding better ways for data to inform energy and climate change interventions. I also have a wild house plant addiction!

Hi! My name is Bernelle, I mostly go by the nick of indiebio online.

I have a PhD in Bioprocess Engineering where I investigated value from sanitation. Following this I did research in water, working with teams on water sensitive urban design. I found it too abstract to be implementable, and while working there we were experiencing the severe drought in Cape Town. It frustrated me that we had no good guidance to give to people to survive the drought and to adapt to the future 'new normal'. Urban metabolism is a way to get a handle on this, I think. I felt disillusioned with research and wanted to visualise and communicate what we already know, to allow it to better inform our actions. I am a big fan of decentralised, or appropriately scaled interventions, and while large scale has its place, I believe we need greater focus on the other end of the scale. At the same time small, decentralised interventions need to fit the bigger picture and not duplicate or counter other efforts. I think visualisation and 'big data' can help coordinate this.

So to pursue this I made a career move and am trying to teach myself design, animation and data visualisation, specifically data driven documentation, and I think Python may be good for this. I'm really still figuring this out.

My interest is not in education, but I think education can be a good way to generate data in the high resolution (neighbourhood or even street level) that makes urban metabolism relevant to everyday people, or relatable, in general.

I gave a talk about my big idea in 2019, and the blogpost continued some thoughts from it:

While I know a game is a massively ambitious venture, there are existing initiatives that could be adapted, and even if we don't reach a fully fledged game, the things learnt and concepts realised on the way will be the real win.

Hello, my name is Brian!

I'm an urban designer from the Netherlands. I'm working for the municipality in Den Haag (The Hague). Before it I worked at a urban design office.
I did my master thesis about the spatial impact of urban metabolism. This because I think this theory/idea can reshape and redesign or cities. I believe in using data and research to create a strong foundation for design.
Besides that my interests are in graphic design and mapping. Since I am an urban designer I see the value of how good drawings/maps can help to communicate complex matter. As they say a pictures says a thousand words, however we should help people how to interpret the image sometimes.

I would say my contributions here could be helping from an urban designers perspective. I get excited when I see about data and illustrations. Maybe I can also help with my understanding of GIS, in which I also would want to improve my knowledge.
About education I would like to think about how I can contribute. I noticed during my master thesis that there is a gap between Urban design and Industrial ecology. And how often there is a mismatch between large scale (material) analysis and small scale interventions.

So I am happy to do my part in help exploring and researching urban metabolism. And to help make it a fundamental part in our design of cities!

My name is Pascal Jules Ahouanvoegbe. I am currently enrolled as a Master’s student under the Environmental Management Program of Pan African University, Institute of Life and Earth Sciences which is hosted by the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. My research interests cover various aspect of Urban Resources Planning and Policies (Clean Energy, Water Resources, Biodiversity), Sustainable development of cities, Conservation, Circular Economy and Ecology. Always available to contribute to projets that lead to design sustainable cities.

Hello! My name is Cleo de Brabander. I have a background in industrial design and am involved in a variety of different projects in the realm of circular economy. My main focus in the past two years has been on setting up an international hub for Dutch company CIRCO in Rio de Janeiro (where I currently live and work). CIRCO activates and equipes manufacturers to start applying circular strategies in their business. As I am a product designer myself, my emphasis is on how to use design as a motor for our transition to a Circular Economy.

I recently joined the data contributors team for metabolism of islands. I was born and raised on a small island in the Caribbean; Curaçao. Curaçao is geographically very small but extremely complex in systems. Like many of my fellow islanders I am concerned about the vulnerability of my island (very reliant on import, no diverse economy, effects of climate crisis etc.) and am keen on harvesting data as I am convinced that it is the best starting point for improvement. I love the saying ‘you can’t measure what you can’t manage’ - better management is one of the things we really need on Curaçao.

Hi everyone! I just joined today after having a great conversation with Kim. I'm really excited to get involved here and collaborate with all of you.

My work lives at the intersection of business, storytelling, and science, and I'm passionate about finding ways for complex cities to function as harmoniously as nature.

I've been a leader of product development teams in a variety of sectors for over a decade. I received my MBA from the Darden School at the University of Virginia and my BA in economics and history from the University of Pennsylvania.

While building a business career, I've also built a portfolio as an award-winning author, journalist, and filmmaker.

In May 2020, I completed my graduate program in biomimicry at Arizona State University and I'm now applying to PhD programs in sustainable urban development. My current project in this space is collaborating with a group of scientists at the City University of New York and Northeastern University to develop a new biodegradable material from a renewable resource that will replace plastic.

I live in New York City with my rescue dog, Phineas. I'm excited to find new ways to help my beautiful city build back better by learning from the best sustainable practices happening around the world.

Hi everyone! I'm Carla from Porto, Portugal. I'm graduated in Environmental Sciences and Technology (2007) with MsC in Environmental Economics and Management (2018), both at University of Porto. I have technical knowledge and work experience in several issues of sustainability and environmental area and carbon management. During my professional career, I was part of technical staff in projects to develop Local Sustainable Strategies, Waste Management Strategies, Environmental Assessments, Industrial Eco-efficiency and Carbon Management, among others working with severel portuguese municipalities. I also have a Specialization course in Sustainable Development and Local Agenda 21 and technical training in carbon and water footprint. Nowadays, as EU Project Manager at 2GO OUT Consulting, I'm participating in the European project funded by H2020: CITYLOOPS – Closing the loop for urban material flows, supporting Porto City in its Urban Circularity Assessment, work made with Metabolism of Cities.

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