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A place for all your questions and thoughts on the Data Hub and how we can make things better, things you might want to see in the future, new ideas etc

Hi, where is the raw data stored? Inside this site, or on github, or ...? This is both for people to contribute and be able to copy and adapt files, but also for peer review. So for example, for data driven visualisations, there are .html files and .js files in addition to the researched data of the metabolic flows.

What I am currently missing is
- a way to access all my comments, questions and similar communication from my profile (or similar). I sometimes remember having asked a certain question already somewhen but I do not find the thread. Its great that you can add a comment or a question almost anywhere, but the thread is hard to find again afterwards. Also, searching in the forum is very limited and it is difficult finding information there, so you tend to ask a question again that might have been answered already previously
- a permanent filter that allows me to only browse within datasets that belong to a given city or that are assigned to my person
- similarly, a two-level view for the datasets: first level: all verified and valid datasets that readily allow analyses, and second all the rest. Currently (at least for Madrid), there are a lot of datasets that are not really useful yet (not processed, or invalid, or anything else) and that create a lot of mess. Actually, its also a filter issue I guess.
and more to come..

  • a possibility to change the column width when browsing through the datasets. Currently, the title of the dataset is usually truncated and there is no way of seeing the whole name of the dataset.

Hi Jens,

Thanks a lot for these comments! We will be sitting down in the second half of January to look at system upgrades so please keep any feedback coming. What you mentioned is already very helpful and we will be looking into improving this.

Bernelle: I also see you asked about raw data storage. To finally answer that question: the datasets are uploaded by users to our site, and can be re-downloaded by anyone. Our website source code itself is available through github.

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