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We are keen to have new cities added to the data platform! However, in order to activate a new city we require that at least one person commits to loading a certain baseline, so that the city is not "empty" upon the start. This includes basic info like the boundaries of the city, demographic information, and information from the various sectors in the city. We have created a document that outlines what we call our "Mini master list" to help you understand the data that we ultimately aim to have.

In order to set up a profile for your city, we ask that you (together with others, if you like) commit to at least searching for most of the items listed under context, and at least one dataset for each of the other layers.

View the instructions here.

If you are ready to take this on, please let us know here in the forum (and let us know which city you want to work on!), and we will get you all set up. If you would like to find people to work with, please use our forum (and your network!) to find people. As usual, all questions are welcome.

Hi Paul,
I was wondering if it would be possible to set up a page for Nesodden, Norway? It is a small municipality across the water from Oslo (part of the newly formed 'Viken' area) where we have a circular economy focus project in the works. I am hoping that if we get things moving here, it may prompt the Oslo group to start adding data as well ;)

Hi Cynthia,

Thanks for your interest! And yes, this is certainly possible. We will prepare this -- this week we're working on setting up an overview page for each city so that we can keep track of the "mini masterlist" of datasets (see above), and how much of that is done. So please stay tuned for this. But in the meantime do feel free to start perusing the data requirements and have a look at what you can find locally in terms of those data requirements.

Hi Cynthia,

We have now finished the reshuffling and a number of resources are available to get you going! Firstly, here is an instruction video which shows you how to work on the data harvesting for your city. The community portal for the data hub can be accessed here, and you will see a link there to Nesodden, which was now also activated.

Please have a look at these resources and let us know if you have any question or comment!

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