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As with most things we want to streamline our social media feeds and automate this as much as possible so that our social media feeds:

  • Reflect the exciting flurry of activity on the website,

  • Share resources, news, events to the wider public,

  • Show people how active we are and

  • Encourage people to participate

First, we need to define what information streams should be automated and to which platforms.
Streams may include the following but are also up for discussion

  • Any updated news article,

  • New videos,

  • New publications,

  • New visualisation,

  • New event

At the moment we are actively tending to these platforms

**Let us know what you think in terms of:

  • What should go where

  • How often these items are shared**

News - any news article shared within 12 hours of creation. Should be shared to all 3 platforms BUT sharing on Instagram should be dependent on whether there is a decent picture included

Hey Kim,

I would also add, new dataset in the mix (new projects as well). Perhaps even when a member achieves a higher "status".
In general I would say for all immediate sharing do this over Twitter (data, publication, video, event). For LinkedIn the same but more curated and adding a personal touch (so a small text attached to it). For IG only the content with images.

How often, I would say immediately.

How soon sorry (immediately), frequence for Twitter = to the amount of content pieces. For LD once a day max (try to optimize to have one post per day). For IG more curation is needed so it depends I guess

I'm thinking that perhaps we should consider setting up two separate twitter accounts:

  • General MoC account (curated highlights from our website, plus other relevant content)

  • "The MoC Instant Feed" (this would be a feed that constantly and immediately pushes out anything that is added to our site.

This way we don't "contaminate" our main account with potentially hundreds of "new item added" messages, but at the same time we do offer a way for people to keep track, by having that other feed for that. In the main account we could for instance auto-tweet new data articles, blog posts, and news (the less frequent, larger pieces on our site), so it still also continues to have content from our site but just less intense. Would that be something useful??

That would be useful I think! That way the "Official" account can retweet from the stream when there is something significant to highlight. I like it

No please god no ( Twitter is made for these type of instant info. It would be too much info to check for both account (for interactions and comments). I know that one can be the MoC bot but still it would be nice to at least reply to people.
If others are willing to assist me on Twitter then this is a possibility but it is quite time consuming as is :)

LOL fair point! I guess this automated stream can be more of an RSS feed? That way there's no human intervention needed to post.

I think all the social media posts will need some level of human curation before things get sent out. So maybe when something gets uploaded, like a news post, there is also a field for a social media description, so the author/uploader is responsible for creating a brief blurb to post and stimulate conversation. Everything that we post on our social accounts needs to be meaningful!

Haha OK Aris thanks for sharing your strong emotions ;-)

But don't you think the channel would become too full of messages if we push out a notification for every item added? And if we clearly mark that the bot is a one-way account only, maybe we can get out of having to deal with interactions and comments (and we can always redirect people to the main account??). Anyways I don't know much about it so if it doesn't make sense then we should skip this idea...

Good point with RSS Kim, that may be a good alternative to have at least a continuous stream of everything available to those that are interested.

Hehe, well all this depends. So far, we have not been adding thousands and thousands of pieces in our website per day so I don't foresee this as a problem. If we really have more than 10 pieces per day then we can look at the bot option. Else, let's continue building on our current account.

For twitter, I would recommend no curation (if the tweets are intelligible by a human) BUT actually retweet or comment with an explanation (or a separate tweet) that would be from one of us.

At this stage, we post less than 30 tweets per month (sometimes less 10). So more would be better at this stage because it would also reflect the big machinery we have in place.

I would suggest that we indeed change our approach when tweets exceed 10-20 per day!

Anywho these are just my thoughts and am very willing to let someone else manage the account. Perhaps some of the volunteers might want to try this out.

OK great Aris, that sounds like a deal!

Let's see if other volunteers want to help with the Twitter account, and also if there are other ideas around social media sharing strategies.


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