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C40 is proud to release a first-of-its kind dashboard allowing deeper exploration of the historical greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions data of C40 cities reported in line with the Global Protocol for Community-scale GHG Emission Inventories (GPC).

Launched in December 2014, the GPC is the international best practice standard for city-level GHG emissions inventories. Consistent with IPCC Guidelines, it allows for credible comparison and aggregation across timescales and geographies. The GPC is the result of a collaborative effort between C40, the World Resources Institute and ICLEI.

The C40 GPC dashboard includes six tabs:

  1. World GPC Map: shows BASIC* GHG emissions for C40 cities by the three key sectors: stationary energy, transportation and waste.

  2. Emissions Explorer – City Trends and Targets: enables users to explore historical emissions for an individual city. Users can also explore net emissions (where data is available) and city-wide targets.

  3. Emissions Explorer – City Comparisons: displays GHG emissions profiles for C40 cities, based on the latest available inventory year, enabling in-depth comparisons through multiple views and filters (e.g. type of emissions, inventory level, city characteristics).

  4. City Overview: displays a detailed data table summarising an individual city's emissions profile in a specific year.

  5. City Emissions Heatmap: uses the most recently reported city GHG emissions to provide insight into each sub-sector and scope for GPC BASIC activities.

  6. Data Quality Heatmap: enables users to view how city-reported data quality varies across GPC sub-sector and scope. Users can explore data quality for activity data, emission factors or an overall score.

Dashboard available here Are there way we can use this as part of the Data Hub?

Great find! Yes most certainly, the data is here, so we must add it to our data inventory and then work on processing it so that it can be read by our system.

Great! I want to set up a task for this but I'm not sure if this is actually more than one task? i.e. 1. add data to inventory. 2 process data for integration?

OK great. Remember that after uploading a dataset, there is an automated task to process the data (this applies basically to anything uploaded). So we can add this particular dataset to some sort of a generic "upload datasets to our inventory list" task (again it's best to have one single task to avoid the duplication).

Some nice data there :)
As for processing, yes, sounds like the way to go. AFAIK, there is no such automated task right Paul? But this particular data is almost a data portal that could be added here: https://data.metabolismofcities.org/dataportals/ I plan on writing a manual for how to do add things to the inventory, because some more assistance could help us to get this going correctly. Stay tuned!

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