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We hereby invite people to review and try out our recently-launched material matchmaking platform called PlatformU. An introduction video is available here.

Questions can be posted here, and general feedback is most welcome as well.

Hi Paul,
Great video explaining the details. 2 questions:

  1. I was wondering if recurring waste streams are on the roadmap? (ie 300kg cardboard weekly)

  2. As an area manager, will one have the opportunity to view data aggregated across multiple clusters?


Thanks a lot for your questions Cynthia! Please see my answers below:

  1. There are no options for this yet, but you raise a good point (was also raised during our launch presentation, not sure if it was you or someone else). I have added this to our to-do list here. Before we implement, a quick question for you. In practice what do you think makes most sense in terms of the associated timeframes for these flows? Say I record a weekly flow of 300kg cardboard, should the system record 300kg every week, basically any day of the week? Or do you think there are generally specific days in which this is available? Same for monthly - any ideas here how this should be set up?

  2. Yes, this is possible. You can query any layer, and this will aggregate all the available materials in any cluster.

Let us know if you have any other feedback or question!


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