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Hi all,

In case you are looking for a podcast on Urban Metabolism (both in FR and EN), you're in luck.
Make sure to listen and watch our very own Circular Metabolism Podcast

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Welcome to the 21st episode of the Circular Metabolism podcast: "The case for Degrowth".

On this episode, we talk with Giorgos Kallis, who is an ecological economist and political ecologist working on environmental justice and limits to growth. He is a professor at CATALAN INSTITUTION FOR RESEARCH AND ADVANCED STUDIES. I wanted to chat with Giorgos about the publication of his new book "The Case for Degrowth" which he co-authored with Susan Paulson, Giacomo D’Alisa and Frederico Demaria (

We discuss about degrowth, political ecology, common sense and cities.

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Thanks Aris! Sounds like a very nice podcast.

Do you have any suggestions on how I could download the MP3 files of the podcast? I'm very keen to listen but struggle to download the actual audio files. Note: the deezer link returns a 404 and the Youtube link goes to LinkedIn it seems.

Hey thanks Paul, I just changed the host and some redistribution might not work yet. Thanks as well for pointing out the misdirecting links.

Ok so here you can listen/download the mp3s (also check episode 20, that might be interesting for you, and here is the Youtube link.

Let me know what you think!! Some exciting ones are also planned!

Or for an even fancier website of the website (they create one as well) you can go here

YES!!! Thanks Aris, that worked. I can now download the files, jay!!! I'll be binging on your podcasts in the coming weeks ;-) Thanks!

I've just followed the podcast on Spotify and downloaded some episodes! When I go for a walk in the snowy landscape today, I will finally listen to it :)
Btw, you could also have a fancy website here: It is just waiting for your input :P

Ok great! Enjoy the walk and hope you'll enjoy it.
Yes you are right I should work on this! Let me see whether there is already a task somewhere.

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