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4.08. Stocks: Buildings - Melbourne

Metabolism of Cities Data Hub
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Hey Paul, just added the shapefiles for Melbourne. Quick questions I'm now adding the relevant datasets for the stock 4.08 (material quantities per building).

The results were aggregated in a paper we wrote (https://materialstocks.org/https://library.metabolismofcities.org/items/2176/) but we just presented the maps and not the raw data. So the data is not yet available elsewhere in that form.

Should I therefore say that the source is an article or a dataset?

Yeah that's a good one. I've seen those situations before. What I would personally lean towards is to call this a dataset, give it its own name, and make mention that this is linked to / was in some sense part of the paper. Would that make sense?

Hmm ok I guess I'll add that in the description. Thanks!

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