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1.4. Population - Singapore: City

Metabolism of Cities Data Hub
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Population’, ‘Households and Housing’, ‘Family Formation and Dissolution’, ‘Fertility’ and ‘Mortality are major demographics facets that the document or report is looking at

Three founding are discovered. Firstly, size, age, floor level, population density level, latitude and construction status are core attributes resulting from the regression. Hence population density is important to understand the population distribution in the city per square kilometre thats why i chose her map to be part of the data.

Poster showing the outlook or growth of the Singapore population

Singapore's population from past to present through various phases of baby boom and economic growth until now when there is an aging population and potential for increase and decline in population if the right policies are formulated

Key indicators of population in Singapore

There is need to close the gap between the young median and aging population to allow sustainability in Singapore considering they have a really viable economy that needs young age to keep on improving

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