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Hello everyone,

I found this website where you can download open-source, accurate shapefiles of the administrative boundaries of your country (I believe all countries are in there).


If you choose shapefile you will get several files compressed on a zip and each number of group of files indicates one level of administrative boundaries.

For the ones that are working in portuguese cities, I've upload already all levels of administrative boundaries for all the country. You just need to upload the ones of your municipality, companheir@s.


Thanks a lot Manuel!

It's great you identified this. We have in fact been having a discussion about finding the most suitable global source for this kind of information. You can see the discussion here. We may or may not use GAMD - there are pros and cons. For now it's good that you located it and we'll discuss some more details about this in class just now.

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the details and discussion on class.

Regarding the license, should I change it to copyright then?

Even if it's stated that is for available for non-commercial use, we must use copyright?

Thanks again

Hi Manuel,

Indeed, it should be changed to Copyright. If you look here, you will see it says:

© 2018 GADM - license

At the bottom, so even though they allow certain use, they still retain copyright so we should make that distinction clear.


Hi Manuel,

Portugal has a lot of geographical information with open data, provided from IG Territorio.

I uploaded administrative boundaries from this source for all portuguese countries.

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