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Module - Module 1: Introduction

Metabolism of Cities Education Hub
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Good overview. I especially enjoyed: how crucial cities are as drivers for resource consumption and climate change; calculating global material footprints (and www.footprintnetwork.com); and learning that more materials are used for cities and infrastructure than (bio)materials for food production.

Nicely presented and important insights. This helps to structure the drivers in the city and look at different solutions in moving towards energy efficiency, carbon neutrality, renewable energies and circular economy of cities.

Well presented, clear with a consistent flow. This MOOC has already helped me gain a better understanding of what urban metabolism is, and how it could be relevant to the career I hope to pursue in cultivating sustainable cities.

A great introduction module!
It helped me to understand the scope and complexity of urban metabolism. I started to visualize the connectivity between flows from every input and their consequences. Thank you.

Out of curiosity, why aren't Geddes' works accounted to urban metabolism?

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