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Data harvesting - Rosario

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Paul, Could you please send me the path of 1) how to put the photo of Rosario in the head of the presentation? 2) How to erasure two documents, because there are not shapfield? ( boundaries sections). thanks!

Hi Ramiro,

Where exactly do you want to put the photo of Rosario? I saw you already managed to upload a representative photo (see attached how it looks for Rosario). Here is the general instruction video on photos. Let me know if there are any other doubts.

For documents, I have deleted the files for you just now.

Thanks Paul!, That was my idea about the position of the photo.

Ah OK so I hope this is okay now Ramiro? The cities are listed alphabetically so that is how the position is decided.

When you upload any documents, then the city will also be listed on this overview page!

An actor could be? a) Direccion de cartografia. Dirección de topografía y catastro-Secretaría de hacienda y economía-Municipalidad de Rosario.
b) Dirección nacional de agua potable y saneamiento. Subsecretaría de recursos Hídricos.Secretaría de obras públicas.
c) También puede ser actor una ong, empresa privada o una actividad estatal terciarizada hacia una empresa privada que realice una actividad de las que registramos en moC?
d) Me podrias dar un ejemplo de 3.28. Storage (no comprendo correctamente el término) se que es almacenamiento pero no se de que? o en que sentido lo queres vos!

Check my stub,please. And give me tips to finish correctly the article. Thanks!

Hi Ramiro,

Great work so far!! It's going well, this is exactly the kind of article we were hoping for. I assume you are typing up a "general" article that focuses on various resource flows in the city, on the overall picture, correct? Hereby a few tips based on the work so far:

  1. Don't forget to use headers in your text. I think some parts are already meant to be headers, but be sure to format them accordingly by adding ### in front of the text -- see the instruction video for samples if in doubt.

  2. Be sure to write in third person (change phrases like "Vemos que...", "Vemos por ejemplo...")

  3. When you include an "information box" it's important to select the ones that are most insightful/attractive. I think the climate and the one with the port are good. However, the "Pesca Artesanal" box doesn't have a lot of information because it is a reference to a website. If you are able to find a dataset with actual figures on pesca artesanal, then this may be a good alternative. Or if not then I would just add this particular website as a source or simply mention it in the text ("Un sitio web muy relevante para la pesca artesanal es ..."), something like that.

Let me know if that helps. But it's already coming together very nicely!

Hello Paul,
The article is "General".
3) I have recently added a thesis about "Pesca Artesanal" (Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas de Argentina), that gave me some more info to write about the activity. Sound interesting the chain explained in the thesis in..."fisher, intermediate , fridge".

Thanks Paul, all the information is helpful.

Great Ramiro, good to hear - good luck!

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