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We have embedded a new feature in the data hub which makes it easier for data contributors to see what their uploaded shapefiles contain -- and to make sure that everything is in place. Here is how it works:

  • An automated script runs every hour to see if there are any newly uploaded shapefiles

  • Whenever there are new shapefiles, the system will attempt to create a preview image

  • If it is successful, the preview image will be shown on the shapefile page

  • If not, an error code will be shown with an explanation

Attached an example of the generated shapefile of barrios in Rionegro. Note that it can take up to an hour for samples to become available. However, data uploaders can also click a link that is shown when no preview is yet available ('Create preview map now'), to generate the map then and there. Large shapefiles can take a bit of time (up to 20 seconds).

NOTE: this preview is not the final representation of the data. Ultimately, when the shapefile is processed properly, they will transform into navigable online maps (like Open Street Maps). However, the preview provides a quick glance while the data is not yet fully processed.

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