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You may have seen that we set up a new library section on the data hub. This library section has all the documents that were uploaded, organized by type. There is a GLOBAL library, which contains all information for all cities, and there are city-specific libraries.

However, what is new is that we now have set up a new "shapefile preview grid", which is a new display type for maps. Those maps that are fully valid shapefiles are now presented in a grid, to easily see what kinds of shapefiles are available. It's great to see, for instance, that Rionegro contains a large variety of maps (and let's not even mention Madrid). The global library shows the huge variety of shapefiles present, and it means we have a lot to look forward to when we enter the "Data Processing" phase and we get into logging all this into our geospatial database!

Wow :) Impressive collection already.

This is such a cool new feature Paul! It will also be super helpful for people (in future courses) to more easily understand what shapefiles are, what they look like and what can be done around them. Also looking forward to the processing phase for that!

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