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Hi all,

As you might have seen we have been active in developing courses on urban metabolism. While we already have some theoretical courses, most of courses are focusing on how to use some of our online tools (i.e. data collection and data processing).

What are some other courses that would like to see on our platform?

  • Would you like us to continue deep diving on "urban metabolism and data"?

  • Would you like us to translate these courses in other languages?

  • Would you like to have more introductory courses on Material Flow Analysis, Industrial Ecology/Symbiosis, Circular Economy, etc.?

  • Would you like to learn other analytic skills that are not covered by our online tools?

Let us know what you would like most by providing you answer in this thread and we'll do our best to cover that (also, if you're a teacher and would like to propose a course, get in contact with us!!!)

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