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Hi all,
a general question about the metadata: The field "author", does it refer to the person who converted the data from any source into the uploaded dataset, or to the origin of the raw data? Currently, I am putting the latter, though for me personally (for filtering and finding the data I have been uploading), the former would be preferable. What is the agreed practice?

Hi Jens,

Author refers to who created the original data source. Whenever you process a dataset, your name will be stored separately from the author as the "data processor" (see attachment, showing what it looks like for this document).

Do note that if you create an entirely new dataset, which may be based on another source but in which you do something with the data (for instance you take a source document with total hectares planted of a crop, and you multiply with yields to get total agricultural production), then YOU will be the author of THAT document. But in that case it means adding a new document entirely to the database.

In terms of filtering and finding data that you have been uploading, we will work on improving this separately -- good to know that this is something that needs improvement. I have made a task here, where you can see our progress on this (you can subscribe to that task if you want to be informed when we apply changes).

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