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Hi! I was looking to see if there was a specific licensing that is used for data that comes from the Neighborhood Monitoring website for Brussels. I saw Aris had posted indicating he wasn't so sure about it but saw that others have posted it as copyright.

I am also unsure about the licensing for IBSA since on their site they indicate it is free of rights unless stated otherwise. But it says you must credit their work.
Here is the website:

It is an issue with IBSA since some data collectors have attached a copyright license and others an open data commons license.

Hey MG, yes indeed Monitoring des Quartiers appears to be quite restrictive so I would mark it as Copyright.

For IBSA, I would use CC BY 4.0

And for STATBEL (at a national level) I would focus on using their Open Data Platform and also use CC BY 4.0 as they recommend here. For the rest of their datasets I asked them and will let you know when I have an answer.

Thanks for the help and the clarification Aris! I will make the necessary changes of licensing.

Cool thanks MG!

So I got a response from Statbel and we can use all their datasets in the same license.

Nice to know!! I'll keep that in mind.

Hi Aris! I was wondering if you know what license Environnement.Brussels - Leefmilieu.Brussels uses? It seems to me from what I read that they encourage the use of information as long as they are mentioned as the source. But am unsure what license that would be. This is the link that I translated to English

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