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There is no central place where we can report technical issues that we are facing with sites and in some cases it doesn't make sense to create a separate task for it, so I figured to create this forum topic.
@Paul, since you are momentarily the main person addressing those issues, it would of course be great to know if you are ok with this "solution" or have a different system in mind?

Sure that sounds good to me! At some point we may want to use the task system and have people report bugs there. But let's try this to get started as it's easier to report here for people.

Ok, nice, thanks.

Let me start right away ;) There are two issues that I noticed today:

  1. For the stock data viz, the viz wheel is turning forever, e.g. - perhaps has to do with the bug that had been created for the flow visualisations as well?
  2. It seems the global analysis hub is down. See at this link it is just forever uploading the MoC page. The single analysis page of a city works however.

Thanks Carolin. The two issues were solved:

  1. This one was due to a lacking unit in the dataset. I've now made it so that even if units are lacking, the charts will open, but ideally we'll go through these datasets in the long term and add the right units.
  2. Seems like there was a new option added there for CityLoops, which caused this bug on the general data site. Sorted out now.

Thanks Paul.

  1. Oh, ok. At the moment, can people still upload datasets even if there is no unit column?
  2. Could be that it had to do with the "indicators" option that was added/activated. Thanks for sorting it out.

  1. No I think not but these were old datasets.
  2. Yes indeed.

Ok, thanks.

Hi Paul! It's nice there is one central place for any technical problems on the forum. I wanted to ask about the Brussels master map. For some reason it doesn't load or show anything. I was wondering if you knew why?

Oops I forgot to add the link to the master map

Ahh I see --- was it working before? I think the boundaries need to be set here:

Please try that and let me know if that doesn't solve it.

Thanks Paul, it was added now and it works!

👍 👍

Aris got to it before me haha thanks so much Paul it works!!

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