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Module - M5: Analysis - SCA Report

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In Porto Evaluation Report the following indicator
59. Incineration rate (mandatory for SCA report)
was changed to
59. Waste-to-Energy rate

This is because Lipor Plant is a Waste-to-Energy Plant not an Incineration Plant. And for Lipor it doesn't make sense to use a designation for an indicator which can give a wrong idea to the ones who will read these deliverables. So, I would like to request that this indicator in SCA Report for the City of Porto uses the designation of
59. Waste-to-Energy rate

The most correct action is to correct it online here: https://cityloops.metabolismofcities.org/cities-indicators/biomass/. Thanks!


I have some questions on the report. I do not have GDP information but have GVA info for the sector economy activities part of the report. Why doesn´t the report part 10a Biomass GDP of Finland not let me write a large number in it? We do not have statistical information on Pohjois- ja Itä Suomi (Northern and Eastern Finland). May I leave them blank? These NACE codes are what I have included in the GVA:s (is 13-15 textiles etc. too much?, should I take it out?)
A Agriculture, forestry and fishing (01-03)
10-12 Food industry etc.
13-15 Textile, clothing and leather industry
16-18 Manufacture of wood products, paper and paper products; printing and reproduction of recorded media
Thanks for your guidance!

Hi Johanna,

Carla also had flagged the issue with the large numbers, it should now be resolved. Please try again and let let us know if you still have issues.
Yes, of course, if you don't have the data then you need to leave it blank.
We must somehow ensure that we will replace the GDP with GVA in the case of Mikkeli, where I assume that is also the same for the construction report. Will you then ONLY report GVA numbers and no GDP at all? This would be ok, I just have to know for the field names.

As for the NACE codes, 13-15 is indeed too much and can be taken out. The rest seems fine.
Hope it helps!

Hello Carolin,

Thanks for all your help. Can you please change the titles/field names for both BW and CDW reports from GDP to GVA. We only find information in GVA numbers.

Hi Johanna,
Thanks for all your work too :) This has been changed to GVA for the Mikkeli reports.

Hi Carolin,
Please change also to Porto. We forgot to mention that for the City of Porto we only found GVA numbers, not GDP.

Hi Pedro,
We've changed it for Porto too.

Many thanks!

Hello Carolin,

I was trying to trying to replace the ID code in the text that you can see in the image for this one 1003643 (because I deleted the original file and uploaded a new one, for the same purpose) and as I save tha changes and it refreshes the page automaticaly, it doesn't change for this new ID.
Could you please help with this issue?

Thank you

Nevermind. It's already working 😊

Hi Carolin, is it possible to have the SCA form and report also for Vallès Occidental?
I'm slowly progressing with data collection, and maybe after vacations I could start play with the report as well.

Hello Marco,
Yes, that is possible. Here they are:

Do note that there is a lot of information on how to fill them in, in the videos and the FAQ doc. We hope this is sufficient for you, as we don't have the time to support you in making the report.

Thanks Carolin, I'm going through the FAQs and other available information. I think it would be enough ;)

Hello! Just a small comment concerning the reports and the diagrams in the reports. It would be great, if a reader could see the units, in which the amounts are showns as. Example: kg, tonnes, items, etc.

BR. Johanna

Hi Johanna,
I totally agree with you and some months ago, I had already made a task for that to address it. This is something that needs to be programmed, so I cannot easily fix it myself and so far it hasn't been picked up by anyone. I will make sure to check if we can include this for the final reports.



             I am in CORN Project : exercise for multi-scale integrationand ,I realize that Johanna is in "...cereals in Mikkeli...", Is mandatory to complete the task (made by You) to be programmer or I could log in that task? I would like to know that issue (and if there is any relation to my project).



Hi Ramiro,
Unless you are able to program, I don't think that you can help with this task. It would be great to see the unit, regardless of the project that someone is in. BUT, "cereals in Mikkeli" is NOT related to the CORN project. It has only to do with the CityLoops project for now.

Dear Carolin,

Thanks for the CLARIFICATION.



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