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Hey guys, sorry for the title of this topic, I couldn't resist :D
I'm reading this paper (which was in the specification document in "Examples and references") and even if it's already within this approach of using a proxy for downscaling, I consider interesting for me as study.
And, Paul, Gerardo, and Ramiro, I think I need more time: maybe we can reschedule our presentations meeting? (or you can begin the project without me, no problems). I need more time to get the data and to study, and, like Paul, maybe I'll need to move to another city in the next few days.
Tell me what you think! Tks!

OK Tai! Noted.

Hi Tai, thanks for your message. It is no problem to reschedule the meeting. Let's all have enough time to prepare things well, and it is also much better if everyone can make it. However, next week I will be unavailable so I am proposing TWO weeks from now; July 19th. I have made a sprint here. Does that work for everyone?

Quick update: I have set up tasks for us! Please review them here. Tai and Ramiro: please both select an individual city task and assign it to yourself (I have already grabbed city 1). Enter in the comments which city you will be focusing on so we have that registered (and which crop, if you know already). Gerardo, I made a separate task for you which you will also see.

If you want to deviate a bit from the task and have other ideas of what to research, please feel free to do so but just add a comment in the task to inform everyone.

Good luck!!

It's a pitty. I had really cool things to show. With this notebook we can create sankey diagrams on the fly of landcover change for cities and regions.

Needs to be open from a virtual environment in conda with geemap.

Cape Town Land Cover Change 2001 - 2019
Brasilia Land Cover Change 2001 - 2019

It's not beautiful? :)

On the other hand, I will continue to work on ways to automate OSM data extraction. I will keep you informed soon.

See you in some weeks!

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This is very cool looking Gerardo!! I look forward to learning more about this when we meet.

In the interim, please note that Cape Town is located inside the Western Cape (that is the larger province). It might be interesting to see some visualizations at that level as well, if possible, to make the link between the larger scale and the city scale!

We can find Western Cape in Admin Level 1 in GAUL FAO data.

This is how it looks like:

Western Cape Landcover Change 2001 - 2019

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Very nice Gerardo, this is very interesting!! Let's explore this in full. I assume you can also download the actual data underlying the sankey?

Hi all!

How is everyone? Just wanted to check to see who is available for the sprint today to do their presentation. Only Ramiro and I are signed up. Yves is also there but I don't think he has a presentation (do you, Yves?). Here is the sprint. Gerardo and Tai, are you able to join? Let's make a final call at 2 PM CEST today -- if we don't have confirmation from the both of you, we will reschedule to next week Monday (but let's make that the final date, and we do the presentations -- however many we have at that point!).

Hey Paul!
I do not have a presentation to share with you at the moment. I see that you plan on meeting at 2pm CEST today, which is not possible for me, unfortunately. I could join at 4pm if that make sense for the team. Let me know

Hello everybody! I won't be able to connect to the sprint today because I will be on a train to Amsterdam. It's a pity because I'm really looking forward to show you my progress with the Sankey diagrams with geemap and sankee and with the OSM data extraction. Maybe as an alternative to the meeting we can write a short message indicating where we are and what are the priorities for next week, right?

Hi Paul!

Hi all,

Thanks for the replies. All noted. In that case, let's do as Gerardo suggests: we write update on our progress in our relevant tasks, and we meet in person (well, digitally...) next week. I will adjust the sprint accordingly.

Looking forward to the updates and to chatting next week!


Ok! noted.

Data Corn:

Paul: 1) The info is too diffuse in each article or web site, It will need lots of time to gets an specific data. Perhaps it is necessary a more accurate target or objective.
2) I will be no available till 31 august.


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