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Hi, under which tab should a report such as the one below be uploaded? Atlas des Grandes Fonctions Métropolitaines- Logistiques It details the movement of goods and products in and out of the city. Thanks!

I've uploaded the report under three tags: transport, storage, wholesale and retail.

Hi Sharon, I just had a look at your upload and what I can tell from the abstract is that this is about both the infrastructure and the flows. Therefore, you were right to tag the ones that you used. In addition, I'd also tag "4.06. Flows: Consumption" and possibly "4.14. Flows: Imports and exports", depending on where the flows are coming from or going to.

On another note, I saw that the publication is in French and that you also copied the abstract in French. As you choose French as the language that it is in, you may have noticed that two additional fields opened up 1) for the title in original language and 2) abstract in original language. For future publication uploads, I'd like to ask you to fill in those fields and translate the title and abstract with google translate and put those in the respective English fields. I will make sure that from our side these things a properly marked and functional. This way, we can display the English abstracts, for the English-speakers to understand. Thanks!

Carolin, quick note: the option to have abstracts in other languages does NOT appear for data harvesters. It was done that way because I didn't want to force all the Spanish-speaking data harvesters to feel the need to translate all the info. So Sharon actually didn't see those fields!

Sharon, my bad! Sorry, I had assumed that you see the same publication submission page that we have in the library.

Thanks for clearing this up Paul. Just to tie the loose ends here then, does that mean that we better include this as the task of the processor / reviewer of the submitted publication?

I'm not sure yet what the best approach it. Sometimes it may make sense to try it when uploading data, but it varies with the audience, their language capacity, etc. So we can try putting it in the second step and see how that goes for now, that would indeed be my idea.

Ok, let's try that then.

Thanks for the input, and clarification. Paul a question for you, when in doubt regarding which creative commons license to use because it is not specified, should we go for the first one on the list? Thanks!

Hi Sharon,

What exactly does it say about the license? If it just says "Creative Commons", then indeed go for the first one on the list and please put the exact phrasing in the internal notes, so we can later figure out what to do. If it doesn't exactly say "Creative Commons", then it should be considered copyrighted, which is the default license for information published online.

Ok thanks Paul. I might have to go through some of the data that I have already uploaded to make double sure.

For example the shapefile for city boundaries which I downloaded from says Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL), which doesn't feature in the drop down menu. So I went for public domain, is that ok? I will edit the internal remarks section.

Ahh that's actually a very valid license to have in our list! I have added it -- please edit the document and you should then be able to select this specific license!

Great, thank you :)

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