Oleksandr Galychyn
Oleksandr Galychyn
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Oleksandr Galychyn is a Ph.D. student at the Parthenope University of Naples, Italy. He graduated in Construction Engineering and worked a few years as an Urban Planner. His work focuses on the reconceptualization of the optimal physical structure (size, shape, and pattern) and functional characteristics of urban socio-ecological systems in terms of energy transfer under systems and multi-criteria perspectives.

Research interests

Oleksandr's research interests include input-output analysis, energy input-output analysis, hybrid-unit energy, and emergy input-output models, emergy accounting, urban metabolism, and socio-ecological systems. His aim is to open a 'black box' that advocated by the traditional 'urban metabolism' perspective that accounts for the input of material and energy resources and the output of final products (i.e., generated GDP and supported population) and wastes to explore environmental and socio-economic flows exchanged between industrial sectors and environment using the network model. He proposes a multicriteria assessment framework integrating the hybrid-unit energy input-output and the emergy accounting models for a comprehensive understanding of urban systems metabolism. This framework can assist city managers and policymakers by providing a comprehensive methodology for the development of strategies for sustainable resource management, decreasing the burden on ecological life-support systems.