Oleksandr Galychyn
Oleksandr Galychyn
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Oleksandr Galychyn is a Senior Researcher at SYKE, Finland. Oleksandr studies the integration of life cycle inventory(LCI) and economic input-output data for the identification of the economic sectors responsible for water depletion and degradation in Ukraine. He also works on the development of stock-and-flow models to predict future changes in sub-regional blue water scarcities and grey water requirements by region and economic sector in Italy.

Research interests

Oleksandr's research interests include input-output analysis, energy input-output analysis, hybrid-unit energy, and emergy input-output models, emergy accounting, urban metabolism, and socio-ecological systems. His aim is to open a 'black box' advocated by the traditional 'urban metabolism' perspective that accounts for the input of material and energy resources and the output of final products (i.e., generated GDP and supported population) and wastes to explore energy and monetary flows exchanged between industrial sectors and environment using the network model.
Currently, he is working on downscaling the levers already in EUCalc like biophysical calorie demand per person, daily calories of food wasted and the total calorie demand by population, population density, the residential and non-residential area per building type, district heating share, beneficial energy consumption (energy need) by building and appliance type, urban protected area, transport demand per capita and transport mode, occupancy and utilization rate of vehicles, a lifetime of cars and appliances, the efficiency of heating and cooling systems, vehicles, and home appliances. Furthermore, I develop approaches for downscaling emission intensities per fuel type and technology, GHG emissions per technology and fuel type associated with transportation. Finally, my duties include the identification of features irrelevant to the city scale in EUCalc and the proposition of new features relevant to any Calc.

Completed tasks

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May 02, 2024 Journal Article uploaded to the library
An urban emergy footprint: Comparing supply- and use-extended input-output models for the case of Vienna, Austria
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Dec 03, 2022 Video Recording uploaded to the library
The emergy footprint of a city: comparing supply- and use-extended input-output models (Vienna)
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Oct 01, 2022 Journal Article uploaded to the library
A multi-criteria framework for assessing urban socio-ecological systems: The emergy nexus of the urban economy and environment
Metabolism of Cities Library 4
Oct 01, 2022 Journal Article uploaded to the library
Ecological network analysis of a metabolic urban system based on input–output tables: Model development and case study for the city of Vienna
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