Christa Avampato
Christa Avampato
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My work lives at the intersection of business, storytelling, and science, and I'm passionate about finding ways for complex cities to function as harmoniously as nature.

I've been a leader of product development teams in a variety of sectors for over a decade. I received my MBA from the Darden School at the University of Virginia and my BA in economics and history from the University of Pennsylvania.

While building a business career, I've also built a portfolio as an award-winning author, journalist, and filmmaker.

In May 2020, I completed my graduate program in biomimicry at Arizona State University and I'm now applying to PhD programs in sustainable urban development. My current project in this space is collaborating with a group of scientists at the City University of New York and Northeastern University to develop a new biodegradable material from a renewable resource that will replace plastic.

I live in New York City with my rescue dog, Phineas. I'm excited to find new ways to help my beautiful city build back better by learning from the best sustainable practices happening around the world.

Research interests

Circular economies
Sustainable urban development
New York City
Materials science - specifically how to replace plastic