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Santiago PEREZ
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I am a second-year PhD researcher and entrepreneur committed to making more just and sustainable urban spaces. I believe that good leadership means recognizing and driving new ideas that connect communities, economies, and values. I am convinced that the power of those ideas when incorporated correctly and shaped into cultural values, will bring best practices towards circular and sustainable cities.

I am an anthropologist and environmental engineer from Universidad de los Andes in Colombia, with a MSc in Sustainable Urban Management from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh. Using my platform ( I've has gathered international experience working as a freelancer and consultant in urban sustainable urban justice and project management.

I've has presented my ideas, research and thoughts in conferences in 5 continents (not yet in Africa and Antarctica). I've been a member of organisations such as Engineers Without Borders, Transition UK, the 2050 Scotland’s Youth Climate Group, the Full Footprint, and the Circular Economy Club among others. Today I am a member of the International Sustainable Development Research Society and the International Society for Industrial Ecology. He also likes to think he brings some of that Colombian magical realism with him wherever he goes.

Research interests

My doctoral research focuses on the qualitative analysis of the connection between Industrial Ecology and territorial sustainability in France. The aim is to capture the benefits of French Industrial Ecology practices and mobilise them to generate more resilient urban sustainable strategies able to respond to the environmental, social, economic and cultural challenges present in a given territory.