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Created on Saturday 24 October 2020, 12:52

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This is the whole river network for Portugal. I believe it is definitely useful.

I have a question, I choose this shapefile and I process it, then in my city map overview if I choose rivers, does the system makes a direct crop of the municipal boundaries for example and the rivers that pass through? Or it loads just the visible ones? I am thinking from the users perspective if such a huge file takes a lot of time to load and usage may be slower, hence less attractive.


Admin, I believe I need permissions to process it.

Thanks a lot

Hi Manuel,

Thanks for your message. I agree that this is an interesting shapefile and we should see how we can get it into the system. In the current form, this is a very large file, so I do would like to see if we can somehow reduce this. Firstly, if I understand from the description this map is available in a resolution of 1:500 000 and 1:2 000 000. This particular map, what resolution does it have? If it's the finest resolution then I recommend downloading the somewhat less detailed one.
Secondly, I see that there is almost 60 Mb (!) in the DBF file. That means there is a ton of meta data inside the table with properties. Could you inspect this information and remove all the columns that are not needed for our purposes, to see if we can this way reduce the size further? Let's see what we end up with.

In terms of how the file will appear: we have a way to crop the rivers and only show those that are in the city. So we should be able to present a much smaller version of the file. However, due to the large overhead data and resolution I still like to reduce the size before we process it. Let me know what you think.