Compile authoritative sources for reference space groups

Created on Friday 26 March 2021, 10:11

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    Metabolism of Cities Data Hub
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    General Research Work
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    Carolin Bellstedt
    Paul Hoekman

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In case the name of the task is not very clear, here a description: This task is for the nesting part of the Data Hub Priority Plan 2021. The idea is to compile and therefore make an overview of, in our system existing, authoritative (“mother”) docs/shapefiles for ref spaces that we would reuse over and over for many cities, e.g. the one that we have on countries, the one on NUTS2 etc..
Based on that, it can also already be considered which other shapefiles would be desirable to have for additional ref spaces. For example, we may need one on the US States etc. (But, ultimately, this is an additional task.)

General instructions

Compiling lists, searching for information or compiling new information to further the goals of Metabolism of Cities

Discussion and updates

New task was created

Big side note: For this task and in general for others of the Data Hub Priority Plan 2021, and even for all those manuals that we've written, I think it would be great if eventually we could integrate them as pages on the Data Hub. For now, I was even thinking of using the news items for making the overview of the ref space sources and creating a mini news item, similarly as to what was done for the "about" page, but wanted to check to see what others think?
I quite like the way that RAWGraphs have their learning section and could see us having something like that. With small bits like that, basically a chopped up manual, it is easy for a user to read up on and check something.

Hey Carolin, great to see this move ahead!! Agreed on your idea below as well. In terms of creating a news item: I'd do that only if you write it up as a NEWS item. For the ABOUT page it made sense because it described the newly launched site. However, in this case I'm not sure if that makes sense (in other words: would it make sense to include this page in the newsletter? if yes -> make news item). The alternative is simply that you use the WEB PAGES section in the control panel and add it there -- that is 100% right for any page like that anyway.

BTW I've also added a tag for the tasks for the 2021 priority plan, so that way you can label each task and later on we can pull them all together easily.