Involve others in our priority plan

Created on Tuesday 20 April 2021, 15:47

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    Metabolism of Cities Data Hub
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    Communication and engagement
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    Carolin Bellstedt
    Paul Hoekman

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Aris and Carolin have been very active creating tasks and starting with a number of items on the list. Wonderful! However, I think it is worthwhile to start getting others involved. Let them join in from the start! I would say:

  • We should firstly contact our core team and let them know about the priority plan and the online task list that is available and growing, and invite them to join
  • It might be nice to set a work sprint a few weeks from now to also have a specific date of work action
  • It would be great to write up a message that we can send out by email to everybody listed in our newsletter

Discussion and updates

New task was created

I can help with that. I wanted to email the core team anyway. The sprint I could do earliest only from May 7.

Great Carolin! I don't think the sprint should be rushed -- but announcing that it will take place soon would be beneficial to getting others involved.

Hey Carolin, just FYI: it would be great if some task have the tag "GOOD ENTRY LEVEL TASK" added to them, if they are easy to do for people who are not intimately aware of how our system works. This should make it easier to get others started on things. I will before the sprint highlight those tasks in the list (the same way GOOD FOR BEGINNERS is highlighted in data processing, for instance).