2019: Year in review at Metabolism of Cities

Here is Metabolism of Cities' 2019 year in review. A lot of great things happened during 2019 and we are very excited to share them with you. We share some of our ongoing and future projects as well as their links for future use.

Urban Metabolism Dashboard: https://metabolismofcities.org/cities...

Material Analysis Platform for Companies: https://platformu.metabolismofcities....

Metabolism of Islands website: https://metabolismofislands.org/

Seminar series "Urban Metabolism in Policy and Practice" website and results: https://seminars.metabolismofcities.org/

CityLoops project: https://metabolismofcities.org/community/research/projects/107

Actionable Science for Urban Sustainability conference : https://ascus.metabolismofcities.org/


Two years ago we also made a similar video, looking back on 2017. Hopefully we can soon make this an annual tradition!