Introducing the Urban Circularity Assessment Reports for Apeldoorn and Bodø!

We are thrilled to announce that EU Horizon 2020 Project CityLoops’s latest deliverables, Urban Circularity Assessment (UCA) reports for Apeldoorn (Netherlands) and Bodø (Norway) are now available for you to read on the CityLoops MoC website where you can also find the method for the UCA itself (as Deliverable 4.4). We have been working hard to carry out and support five CityLoops partner cities over the last months and are proud to announce that UCA reports of Apeldoorn and Bodø are ready for you to dive in! 🔍

These reports present the gathered information, main findings and analysis on the material flows of the local economy for two reference years, as well as the building material stock accounting. You will find valuable information on the urban context, the local economy of these cities and then it delves into the calculations of material weights of flows, which are also represented visually using Sankey diagrams. Additionally, we made an interactive mapping of the building material stock, giving a clear picture of the city’s existing built environment, which, associated with the construction year and material lifetime can reveal the potential of material reuse.. → Check out the Apeldoorn stock map

The UCA method used in the report accounts for various materials to attempt to cover the economy, including biomass, metals, non-metallic minerals, and fossil energy carriers, within the city boundaries for two points in time, covering the entire lifecycle stages from extraction to waste collection and treatment. The report also evaluates the accounted materials in the form of circularity indicators and their data quality, providing a robust analysis of the city's material circularity performance.

We invite you to give these informative reports a read! 📖 And if you're interested in applying the UCA method in your city, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at

Urban Circularity Assessment Apeldoorn
Urban Circularity Assessment Bodø

Stay tuned as we move forward with the Circularity Hotspot Analysis method for our partner cities 🤓

Let's work together towards a more circular future! ♻️

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