Two new team members joined Metabolism of Cities in 2019

In 2019, we had two new team members join Metabolism of Cities namely Carlos Soto and George Wieber, each carrying out an initial task to help their task force.

Carlos is based in Glasgow, Scotland and currently pursuing a Joint Master Degree in Urban Climate and Sustainability. He joined the Community Task Force and as his first contribution to Metabolism of Cities, he made a great start and progress with our list of Urban Metabolism organisations. The site for that isn't embedded on the website yet, but the information is already in the back end, which is a fantastic first step.

George is based in Milford, Delaware (USA) and currently working as a Research and Development Engineer at a small tech startup on the East Coast of the United States where they use solid-state ionic materials to develop more energy efficient HVAC, desalination, and fuel cell technologies. George joined the Resource Task Force and as his first contribution, he got us started on the “Masterlist” for MultipliCity. The Masterlist is a list that has an extensive number of “all” the possible dataset items and infrastructure that can be had for a city. This is something to help guide the contributors and eventually will be integrated in Multiplicity to show the % of completion based on how much is uploaded.

If you also want to help advance the Urban Metabolism community then join our team!