William H. Alfonso Piña

University Of Rosario
Architect, graduated from the National University of Colombia, with intensification in Architectural Design and Environmental Issues, Master in Theory of Architecture at the same university, obtained meritorious as the urban research thesis; Urban Environmental Management Specialist, UPC. Ph.D. Earth Science in Geography, University of Warsaw.

The professional performance experience has been oriented toward the management and research in land use, environment, ecological approaches, public space, urban landscape and heritage as well as in the coordination and development of urban and environmental studies, which includes the implementation of investment projects. These activities have been developed mainly linked to public entities, as an officer and consultant. Participation in the planning, management and development, institutional programs, allows for additional strengths in the implementation and operation of the project results and investigations conducted.
Research Interests
The research and teaching activities in urban planning, environmental aspects, ecology, Theory and history of architecture and art, have focused on issues related to the processes of development and urban planning, sustainable development, history of the Colombian city, city theory, urban culture, research techniques, history of mentalities, among others.

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Urban material flow analysis: An approach for Bogotá, Colombia 2014

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