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14 publications found.

Indicators of urban metabolism applied to the management of urban solid waste in the city of Tandil, Province of Buenos Aires

Conference Paper
Luciano Villalba, Roxana Banda Noriega, Rubén Donalisio, Beatriz Sosa, Adriana Díaz

Theodor Weyl: A Pioneer of Urban Metabolism Studies

Journal Article
Lederer, Jakob and Kral, Ulrich

Urban Metabolism: A Tool for the Sustainability of Cities

Journal Article
Díaz Álvarez, Cristian Julián

Input, stocks and output flows of urban residential building system in Beijing city, China from 1949 to 2008

Journal Article
Hu, Dan; You, Fang; Zhao, Yanhua; Yuan, Ye; Liu, Tianxing; Cao, Aixin; Wang, Zhen; Zhang, Junlian

In-Use Stocks of Metals: Status and Implications

Journal Article
M. Gerst and T.E. Graedel

Copper and zinc recycling in Australia: potential quantities and policy options

Journal Article
D. van Beers, A. Kapur, T.E. Graedel

Copper In-Use Stock and Copper Scrap in the State of Connecticut, USA

Journal Article
J. Rauch, M. Eckelman, R. Gordon

Metal capital sustaining a North American city: Iron and copper in New Haven, CT

Journal Article
Konstantine Drakonakis, Katherine Rostkowski, Jason Rauch, T.E. Graedel, R.B. Gordon

Spatial characterisation of multi-level in-use copper and zinc stocks in Australia

Journal Article
D. van Beers and Thomas E. Graedel