Add city-level CO2 emissions inventory for Europe

Created on Wednesday 13 October 2021, 12:44

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This website contains CO2 emissions data:

The model spatially disaggregates each country's official (Eurostat) CO2 emissions inventory to places using OpenStreetMap. Vehicle emissions are attributed across fuel stations, train emissions at stations, aviation bunker fuel emissions at airports, and so on. Industrial source emissions are located at the registered address where these emissions phyiscally occur or are legally controlled. Data are for the year 2018.

Data can be downloaded in xlsx format - would be great to get this into our platform.

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Discussion and updates

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Cool find Paul and very interesting for our nesting too!

I've had a look at this and their nice map and downloaded both xlsx files, as well as the geojson (969 MB!!) file.

In order for it to work in our system, we'd have to split up the data according to different spatial scales. And we need to agree which ones we'd like to have. This is because we always need to link them to reference spaces and these are also split up, e.g. NUTS2, countries, etc.
Although they say that they haven't made reference to the NUTS levels yet, I believe that their counties level (level 6) does align. I will test that by checking whether it matches for 5 cities. Then we could just extract the level 6 emissions AND match it with our respective NUTS reference space files.

I haven't opened the geojson files yet, but they say that the ETS facilities are listed in there. I'm curious how the gas stations, train stations etc. are identified, because ideally we'd upload this reference space file first and then match their emissions to them.

Plan of action:

  1. Determine if NUTS levels are aligned.
  2. Check "ID system" of ETS facilities and other emission points.
  3. Decide which levels we want.
  4. Ensure we have the correct reference spaces embedded.
  5. Add the respective data.

If anyone wants to help with any of the actions, do let me know.

Copy that Carolin, great!

In terms of deciding on the levels, I would say let's see how it works with their levels... are the higher levels simply an aggregation of all the smaller levels? In that case, we only upload the smaller levels and will do the aggregation on our own side. If this isn't the case, let's fully understand what levels they have and we can take it from there.