Define user persona(s) for Circular Innovations Compendium

Created on Wednesday 20 April 2022, 14:30

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Side project of the TS for the compendium or solutions database.

Try to imagine who browses/uses the solutions database:

  • who are they? (e.g. origin, job, role, age)
  • what do they need? (e.g. inspiration, ideas, details, a set of tools)

For now, we have 4 personas, but it could be more:

  1. public administrator
  2. entrepreneur
  3. researcher
  4. activist

The idea here is that we better under the WHO so that we can tailor the user story: "As WHO, I want WHAT, so that WHY."

Gerardo found this nice tool. Feel free to have a look about making the persona with it:

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Discussion and updates

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Nice that you got started on this Till 😊
I've just read the 4 personas and made small suggestions. Shamita will also review them.

It occurred to me that at least one other persona is missing, or it could also be an action, namely that of adding (and/or curating?) the entries. Someone that adds the solution, describes it, applies the tags, photos, links etc. Do you think that is a separate persona that isn't listed yet? Or is that looking at the same personas but from a supply side perspective?

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Task was assigned to Till Weidner

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Hi all,

I've created user personas for public administrators, entrepreneurs, and activists. Adding this to the Circular Innovations Compendium (google doc).