Write a specification for the Circular Innovations Compendium

Created on Thursday 21 April 2022, 07:44

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A TS needs to be written for the Circular Innovations Compendium.

The compendium is created as part of the CityLoops project and the need for a solutions database. The idea was originated during the AScUS 2020 conference.

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Discussion and updates

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Till, so good that you worked on this already! I've made a bunch of comments and expanded on some points.
It would be great if you could open this up to the wider group from back then. We can also share something on social media to see who else might want to work on this - but we can also wait with this.

As for the inclusion on planetary boundaries, doughnut economics and the SDG - great that you are onboard with this in terms of informing people, tagging those and having filters. In addition to that I was wondering if:

  • we want to include any metrics/indicators to the solutions? I'd be in favor of this in any case. This way we could link it to the goals of other concepts. A bit how the solutions in project drawdown link it to climate.
  • we should settle on such a defined name, which might seem exclusionary to other concepts.

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Task was assigned to Till Weidner

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Hi Carolin,

Thanks for your comments.

I am happy to think about how we include metrics. It might be tough (i.e. inaccurate) to put global impact reduction figures to a certain case study, mainly since any waste input material can also be used for other purposes (e.g. coffee grounds having many different end-use applications) so any indication of impact (e.g. CO2 savings or material savings) would depend on the uptake of specific routes.

What we could add is how much waste of type X is produced globally and how much product Y (made from waste) is produced globally. Further, we could add typical environmental impacts from the raw material replaced in the final product / the whole product if it is a service innovation. In any case, this is something that the MoC team would likely need to add, rather than the people entering their innovation (unless they are keen and have the LCA data).
Could you elaborate what you refer to with having a defined name? For the database? Do you think Circular Innovation Compendium does not work so well?