Pilot the Circular Innovations Compendium

Created on Thursday 21 April 2022, 09:35

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The CIC lives currently in the brains of the group as a concept. It needs to be refined and sense-checked with the final users. This task describes the steps for this piloting phase until end of July 2022.

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Discussion and updates

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Thanks for drafting this Till. I've just reviewed it and added some notes. In general, I think that it is planned well. Just as a sidenote, there won't be much contribution from my side in July, as I will be on holidays, but others may be able to jump in.
What isn't yet evident is if/when this is integrated on the website. This isn't necessarily a bad thing. It means that we can work in google sheets for quite a long time or show how things can work in mock-ups. Once this is all tested, it can still be technically implemented after July.

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