Collect data at NUTS2 scales

Created on Wednesday 27 April 2022, 13:26

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    Data Hub Priority Plan 2021 Good entry-level task MFA integration Multi-scale integration
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    Lee Junyoung
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Thanks to the Eurostat grid, we have identified relevant datasets for making parts of EW-MFAs at a regional level in the EU. They are already collected as "library items", (e.g. Cereals by NUTS 2 regions). However, the data itself hasn’t been collected yet - there is no attached file. We should start collecting them by

  1. Using the "Dataset library" > browsing for the tag "all NUTS2" > this gives 115 entries.
  2. Excluding population and business datasets for now. In fact, it might be easier to focus on one category at a time, for example "Extraction: Agriculture".
  3. Going to the respective Eurostat source link.
  4. Downloading the files for all NUTS2 instances and for all years.
  5. At the original library item, click on "edit" and upload the file at the bottom.

WHY: This will enable to kickstart MFAs at a regional level. Later on, we can then downscale this data from region to city (for instance imports and exports).

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